A little bit about myself

Where I am!

Where I am!

My name is Jefferson (yeah, that’s my first name), but you can call me Jeff. I’m 33 years old, Brazilian from Curitiba, capital of Paraná, which is a state in the south region.

I have plans to do a world trip later this year, so I started this blog to share my experiences during this trip… and maybe later on after I arrive to my final destiny. You must be wondering where is that, for now I will just say that I won’t come back to Brazil 😉

I don’t want this blog to become just another traveler’s blog. Last year I had a huge change on my life and one of my goals is to share life experiences and connect to people that is going through the same or similar situations I am facing now and other that will bump into. I’m open to suggestion of how to do this. It would also be nice if I have the chance to meet other travelers.